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Respond Young People's Therapy


Our Young People’s Team provides comprehensive support packages to young people (aged 5 to 25 years) who have experienced abuse or trauma, their carers and practitioners working with them.

The Young People’s Therapy can be offered at our clinic in Euston.


To discuss a referral please call our main number: 0207 383 0700 and ask for The Young People's Service, or download a Referral form


The Respond School or College Therapy service


Research has shown that children and young people that have experienced personal and social difficulties find it more challenging to access education, which in turn can all too often have a negative impact on their future and can lead to wider social problems. Many teachers and schools staff will have experienced children and young people who appear to struggle to make sense of their worlds, and who aren’t able to form positive relationships with peers, parents, teachers.


Many school staff will have worked with children who seem very troubled or who display behaviour that is difficult to manage and has a detrimental impact on the classroom and sometimes the whole school. Our school therapy service aims to provide a whole school approach offering support to children and young people, parents and carers and school staff.


We can offer a school-based therapeutic service, allowing our therapists to see children and their families in the safety of a familiar environment. Because schools are often at the heart of local communities we also able to work consistently and conveniently with all those involved in supporting children and young people. 


Through weekly contact with our therapist students who are both verbal and non-verbal are equipped with strategies that they can own and that enable them not to just ‘get by’ but to actually thrive!’


    Sean McDonald Deputy Head – Richard Cloudesley School Islington


Respond school therapists use a range of creative and conventional therapeutic approaches when working with children and young people who have learning disabilities. By using different creative medium we aim to support the child in finding ways of self-expression that can lead to a healthier and happier life.


As well as the school therapist, Respond provides a school project coordinator who works with parents and carers and offers a vital link with the school staff team and external agencies involved in supporting the children Respond is working with. This whole school approach ensures that we are able to provide the school community with much needed reflective space for thinking about the challenges of working with often very troubled children and young people


What we offer schools


*(If you are interested in having Respond work with your school we would spend time discussing your needs and devising a package that reflects these needs)


  • One-to-one therapeutic work: offering therapy with children and young people either short term or for a full academic year.


  • Respond therapeutic groups: Weekly sessions for children and young people that focus on different topics, such as self esteem, social skills building, confidence and healthy relationships


  • Parent/Carer sessions: involving working with the carer to think together about the difficulties that their child may be facing


  • A case manager that provides the link between the therapy, home life and school life


  • Work with staff: offering support, guidance and consultation. Offering a reflective space to think about the challenges of working with vulnerable children and their families


  • Training: We offer a complementary training session each year on a number of subjects related to the psychological understanding learning disabilities and special educational needs. (this can be discussed at induction)


  • Classroom Work:  We provide circle time/PSHE sessions to enable teachers to explore the emotional and social aspects of learning. 


  • Lunchtime drop-in service: We can offer a self-referral service for children and/or parents or carers who wish to discuss something that they wish to talk about.


  • We also provide termly reports on each child, a annual report on the service as a whole



Reasons for a referral to a Respond therapist


Respond school therapists work with children and young people that may be experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties due to a variety of reasons including;


Self-esteem difficulties, emotional/behavioural issues, social interaction difficulties, peer/adult relationship concerns, passivity/shyness, anger, loss and bereavement


We are a specialist service and have over 20 years of experience of working with children and adults with learning disabilities who have been abused or experienced trauma and we are therefore well equipped to work with very challenging cases. All our therapists are accredited with a professional body and are supervised by an accredited supervisor who has worked in the field of learning disabilities for over 20 years. 

Positive and Safe Relationships Programme

Our positive and safe relationships programme for young people with special needs is to support young people to develop their relationship skills and explore difficult issues of abuse and sel protection. Using our extensive experience with special needs schools, the workshops provide fun and safe place for children and young people to develop their confidence, to prevent harmful or abusive relationships.  

Using a psycho-educational group model, our therapists provide a programme alongside school staff (to enhance existing skills and knowledge). The programmed can last up to 12 weeks, and can be tailored to meet individual need.

Our KS3 classes has recently enrolled in a 12 week Harm Prevention Programme. Without exception, feedback is positive- staff have specifically mentioned raised confidence, improved self-esteem and better negotiation skills amongst the students.


The sessions are lively, creative and dynamic and I have often overheard the students saying how much they are looking forward to the next session. Behavioural incidents have reduced for those students engaged in the programme and the staff who support the sessions seem more confident and reassuring when engaged with the students." -Deputy Headteacher, Riverside School, Haringey

If you are interested in having a service in your school please contact Rosie Creer, Young People's Service Manager or call 0207 874 5485.