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Welcome to Respond ISVA, the only Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service for people with learning disabilities.  Respond ISVA is proud to support Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2017 taking place next week.  (

Respond's ISVAs, Annie and Lynne want to highlight some of the issues around the impact of sexual abuse and sexual violence exploring rape myths, consent and staying safe.  This web page has some links which may be useful for anyone who has experienced sexual violence, knows someone or is supporting someone.

Rape myths (also known as victim blaming)

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) describes a myth as 'a commonly held belief, idea or explanation that is not true'. All rape myths are excuses and want to blame the victim.  They use many different ways to do this.  They can all be summed up with this one myth:

The victim is responsible in some way for the sexual abuse or sexual violence.  (Obviously not true).  Here are some links which explain rape myths in more detail:


Consent and rape myths often confuse the issues around sexual violence and this short video explains them really well:

Staying safe

Respond ISVA and Adult Therapy Service put together a booklet with some tips for staying safe.  To get a copy of Enjoying life and keeping safe, please email us at

Talk to us

On Friday 10th February 2017 the ISVA Team is doing Q&A session via email and phone - so if you have any questions, please contact us and we do our best to answer them!  Call use on 020 7380 8257 or email us at between 10am and 4pm.