Respond Website

The Respond Action Group is a group of people with learning disabilities who work for Respond. This is what they do:


Make sure that the voice of people with learning disabilities is part of the organisation 


Advise on publicity and information to make it accessible

Design the easy read pages on the website

Go on outreach visits to residential homes, self-advocacy groups, conferences and meetings to talk

Support people with learning disabilites around the issues of abuse, bullying, trauma, and consent

The Action Group meet once a month. There are six members.

The Respond Action Group has worked on:


The Sexual Offenses Act 2004

The Home Office booklet "Protecting you from Sexual Abuse"

The Disability Rights Commission work on Hate Crime

The Crown Prosecution Service Disability Equality Scheme

Metropolitan Police consultative groups on Legal packs and Adult and Elder Abuse policy

The Easy Read pages on this website were designed by the Respond Action Group with help from the Elfrida Society's Access to Health project.